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24x7x365 support.

Our data centres in Madrid and Barcelona, and our capabilities for design, configuration and management in AWS and Azure, allow us to offer what is really needed. Our commitment is to provide each client with advanced analytical and management systems, with 24 x 7 x 365 support.

Cloud computing is empowering; companies that take advantage of the cloud will be able to innovate more cheaply and quickly.

Jamal Mazhar.

Founder and CEO, Kaavo

La computación en la nube (Cloud Computing) es empoderadora; las empresas que aprovechen la nube podrán innovar de forma más barata y rápida.

Jamal Mazhar.

Fundador y CEO, Kaavo

¿Cómo es tu negocio y cómo te gustaría que fuese? Muestra tu mejor imagen.

Definimos metas ambiciosas y factibles.
– Auditoría SEO/ORM
-Mejores oportunidades tecnológicas, de arquitectura de datos, de contenido o reputacionales.

¿Quién es tu público? Redefinamos el user lifestyle cyle.

Definimos tu buyer persona y sus puntos de contacto idóneos
– Metodología CRM inbound.

¿Qué se lleva ahora? Trendhunting para saber a qué apuntarse y a qué no.

¿Qué se lleva ahora? Trendhunting para saber a qué apuntarse y a qué no.

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Public, private and hybrid cloud, offering both shared services between different organisations and private services for each client.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS), assigning virtual partitions within our physical servers to offer dedicated resources to each client, reducing costs but maintaining independence when administering each site.

Colocation (server housing or server homing) as a hosting option for company servers and hardware, outsourcing it to our Colocation data centre, where we guarantee a stable connection and the storage space that each company may need.

Video streaming, to host multimedia content and be able to transmit video and audio in real time, without downloads, cuts or interruptions.

Hosting services, website, apps, databases, etc., securely housing one of the greatest assets of every company: its information.

Domain management, including personalised advice and assistance.


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