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Lawful data management

Offering a better service to customers and users implies improving knowledge about their needs. The LOPD helps regulate this game so that everyone is a winner

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What happens to the personal data that we give on the Internet? Who keeps them and, above all, why? Questions like these come to mind every time we install a new app on our mobile, when we process an online purchase or, simply, when we use our RRs. H.H. preferred.

Yes, in the digital ecosystem we can feel spied on. We can even be victims of fraud. For this reason, when transferring data, it is extremely important to be clear about where and how it is done: in a reliable environment, these data will be used only to improve the services for which a user has shown interest, improving their experience and helping to get what you are looking for in a simpler and more useful way.

What is the data used for? This is how it is managed from Genetsis Group

The companies that hire us share a common goal with us: to get to know users better and facilitate their customer journey.

  • We help acquire this data in a lawful and informed manner and add a layer of intelligence: we order, consolidate, normalize, build a strategy, develop rules and algorithms…
  • From a business point of view, we work with the firm objective of improving the products, services and experiences that companies offer. The use of the data, if done correctly and with the appropriate technological resources, should revert to benefits for the user, replacing the “bombing” of irrelevant and annoying emails with correct, fair and adequate communications to inform the user of what you really want at any given moment.
  • From a less commercial perspective, we use this data in an aggregated (anonymous) manner for statistical processes: predictive models that help improve procedures, save internal costs and generate new revenue. For example, they are used to develop predictive models that adapt the stock of products to be able to supply the people who want or need them.
Do you want to generate knowledge, from data, to improve processes in any digital environment?

Data management: the value of good data

For the user, and as we have seen, a company that correctly manages their data will bring benefits such as more complete and pertinent information appropriate to their interests. In addition, in the digital marketing sector, each registered user has an economic value: having more data means knowing the target better, refining business efforts and maximizing investments.

The Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD), guarantor of our rights

The LOPD (together with the professional ethics of companies that, like Genetsis, work to make digital ecosystems safe and reliable), sets the rules of the game that protect the rights of users.

Legislative work aimed at improving the regulation that surrounds the world of personal data is continually evolving to adapt to the unstoppable expansion of digital environments. And this is not new; At Genetsis Group, we have been working for many years so that the data we manage always keep in mind the final benefit of the user.

In 2018, the current Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights (in Spanish, Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos Personales y garantía de derechos digitales, LOPDGDD) came into force in Spain, thus taking a giant step in this aspect that involved improving the previous Law on the Protection of Personal Data of 1995 to adapt to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in force at European level.

Even then, it was essential for us to ensure the joint interest of users and companies in a legal context still in the process of definition.

Our general director, Álvaro García, participated from the perspective of technological consultant in 2018 in the Radio 3 program Hoy empieza todo*, with Ángel Carmona, to talk about the ins and outs of data protection.

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Today, we remain committed to adding value to businesses through data while protecting user privacy and rights. We continue to promote, as experts, the lawful management of data, as Álvaro demonstrated during his participation in the program  Fuera de plano, broadcast by RTVC (Radio Televisión Canaria) in January 2022*. In this space, he explained the benefits that correct data management has both for the user and for any company that wants to differentiate itself from the competition by taking maximum care of what it offers to its target.

Data management and analysis. "With great power comes great responsibility"

We have seen some of the common fears about data transfer, as well as the main advantages of doing it in trusted environments. Where is the balance? You just have to use a little head 😉

In short, when we talk about correct data management we must also talk about a shared responsibility between:

  • Companies like us (with more than 20 years offering services related to Digital Transformation based on data), that must demonstrate to the consumer that giving their data only reverts to benefits for them.
  • Our clients, since they must commit to always provide the best service for lawful purposes.
  • The citizen, when it comes to being informed of to whom and for what purpose they offer their data.

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