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Or the difference between “How do you plan for this!” and “I have a plan.

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A digital vision

We all know that the world is changing very fast. And it is also clear that this change has accelerated since the COVID-19 pandemic, transforming our reality in a way which is profound and enduring. We are facing a different landscape, where the digital medium has established itself as the king of interactions and where users have learned to go on with their lives whether or not there are restrictions, purchasing or contracting products and services online.

This situation has changed everything, from the way we relate to each other to the way we consume. The “digital transformation” is not imminent, it’s already happened. So now… what happens? Businesses must find their place of differentiation in the new and complex paradigm where traditional channels no longer always work and where the audience we knew has vanished How do you plan for this! And what if we give a twist to what we all know in order to expand opportunities and maximise profitability?

There is nothing so useless as doing with great efficiency something that should not have been done at all

Peter F. Drucker.
The father of modern management

La pregunta relevante no es simplemente qué haremos mañana, sino qué haremos HOY para prepararnos para mañana.

Peter F. Drucker.

Padre del Management moderno

Going digital without dying in the attempt

Many companies already have well-established digital marketing strategies in place. For others, this virtual universe full of actors and scenarios is unfamiliar and even hostile. Standing out in this ecosystem is difficult, we’re not going to deny it, and achieving it requires a deep knowledge of the medium, a perfect understanding of the user and acting with a clear head but without fear. Although this is nothing new, as large companies have been leading this virtual path for years, we are living in times that demand that we face digitalisation without delay, in an environment full of brilliant digital marketing strategies such as those of Apple, focused on innovating by offering just what its customers want: quality products and design with an indelible aura of status; Adidas, which has managed to define a consistent marketing strategy offering multichannel experiences to promote sports culture and create better products adapted to the changing tastes of consumers; or Amazon, which has chosen to position its products with millions of keywords and to ensure loyal users by offering a simple shopping experience where its fast and intuitive payment process plays an important role.

Whether our company plays in the big business league or is an SME, it all starts with correctly defining differential digital strategies that are consistent with our purpose and that connect us with actual and potential customers.

So... how is it done? First steps of a digital marketing strategy

Carefully (and lovingly) planning our business objectives, acting within the digital ecosystem in order to make informed decisions. This takes time, money and effort that must be invested correctly in order to maximise results: should you plan for paid advertising (PPC), create search engine marketing campaigns (SEM), put more emphasis on email marketing, content marketing, optimise SEO…?

All of these strategies are valid, but we will not always need them all.

At Genetsis we help you to broaden your perspective with one goal in mind:

make your digital version
your best version

It starts with a SMART approach, setting Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound objectives that will expand your vision to new horizons in your company’s journey.

What’s the latest trend? Trendhunting to know what to get on board with (and what to skip).

  • In addition to identifying trends in your sector, you need to understand the latest global trends, because a business only makes sense in a social environment.
  • Monitoring these trends, identifying variations in priorities, habits and general values, will allow you to convert the information obtained into something relevant in order to establish a solid digital strategy capable of revolutionising your business.

What is your business like and how would you like it to be? Show your best image.

  • Set ambitious but achievable goals to expand your strengths and retrain your weaknesses.
  • A detailed benchmark will help you to know your competition better and define your playing field. In addition, an SEO/ORM audit will enable the detection of improvements and opportunities at all levels, from technology to data architecture, content or reputation.

Who is your audience? Create or redefine your Buyer Personas.

  • How often do we think we know someone well and end up being surprised? To know your target audience (current and potential) better than if you were their mother 🤗, take the time to define your buyer persona and their ideal touchpoints.
  • From here, applying the inbound methodology, you will be able to offer content and solutions of interest (such as advanced segmentation, testing, optimisation, execution and measurement in real time) to build loyalty with your target audience and turn them into advocates, in an organic, fluid, automated, measurable, scalable and, of course, beneficial process for both your company and your consumers and clients.

We do now, have a plan, an unbeatable opportunity to act in anticipation of any as-yet unforeseen events and prepare the way for tomorrow, backed by data and implemented by the best experts in each field. How do we put it into action? Expanding the options offered by the technology.


Get ready to digitalise successfully

Do you already have a plan?

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