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That “IT friend” you can always count on.

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Great solutions to great ideas

Have you ever had a great idea and abandoned it because you didn’t know how to execute it? How should our business ideas be prepared to compete in the Digital Transformation league? Technology is the key to standing out on a digital playing field where the rules, the players and the audience are different.

For your digital strategy to work, it needs the direct involvement (from the very beginning of the project) of that “someone” who is able to understand the implications of digitalisation in its broadest definition, to contribute to the creation of the best pathways to success. And if that “someone” is a committed team, made up of battle-hardened computer scientists and technical experts with more than 20 years of experience in the field, and skills which they are constantly updating, so much the better.

To me, programming is more than an important practical art. It is also a gigantic undertaking in the foundations of knowledge

Grace Murray Hopper.

Pioneer in computer programming, creator of COBOL

La pregunta relevante no es simplemente qué haremos mañana, sino qué haremos HOY para prepararnos para mañana.

Peter F. Drucker.

Padre del Management moderno

Technology as a vehicle for business success

If you already have a clear way forward, , it is time to see how to travel it in the most efficient, cost-effective and comfortable way possible, allowing you to enjoy and learn along the way. Technology offers the appropriate vehicle for every need; do you know which “model” to choose?

Have you seen something you like, or do you want something exclusive?

We work with both off-the-shelf solutions and technology implemented by our team of software developers, always aiming to improve the user experience and achieve our clients’ goals.

  • There are well-established tools that are widely implemented because of their good performance. We work with a wide range of market solutions, advising you so you can decide which best suits your needs and applying them to meet your specific objectives. Content Management Systems (CMS) for website creation, such as WordPress; CIAM solutions, such as DruID; solutions for emailing, such as Mailchimp; project development for e-commerce on Shopify or other platforms that allow you to take advantage of the boom in online transactions, etc.
  • But your needs may also involve the ad hoc development of proprietary tools just for your business and fresh from the hands of our team! “We speak” Html5, JavaScript, ColdFusion, PHP, Ionic, SQL Server, MySQL… taking advantage of the capabilities of the different programming languages to offer technology-agnostic services or, in other words, the ideal technology for each project.

As good “IT friends”, we have your back during your digital integration

We take care of building all the necessary technology platforms, developing the relevant digital channels and connecting all the digital applications that your business strategy needs to work as a whole in order to minimise efforts and maximise results, adapting to different integration standards and working with CRM systems (Customer Relationship Management) and platforms such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics or SAP in order to have all the information about your contacts/customers parameterised and organised for efficient use.

And, of course, guaranteeing data security so that your business has a virtual home where nothing can go wrong and your ideas can develop without limits.

At Genetsis we help you to design, develop, integrate and optimise the different digital platforms, offering you the

IT solutions you need to optimise your
digital strategy

Our team is also in continuous training which guarantees that, as your technology provider and “IT best friend” we will always offer you the best and most up-to-date solution. We may even be able to fix your washing machine 😉.

But before getting out the toolbox and starting to build your digital ecosystem, do you know what content you want it to have?


Get ready to digitalise successfully

Do you want us to be your IT best friend?

We can help you define and implement the best technology for your project, leave us your email address and let’s talk!


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