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The cloud services revolution

An efficient, effective and consolidated model for driving digital acceleration in business
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El riesgo no es una actitud. Es el contexto

Alberto Barreiro.

Diseñador estratégico experto en transformación

Continuous change is the best way to define the IT world. Cloud services fit this definition perfectly, as they started as a structural revolution that made us think about whether to host everything within our own infrastructure or to outsource it.

Cloud Services for businesses

The first doubt was generated by the uncertainty of the model: would it be stable in the long term? Today, that doubt has been resolved, although it still generates uncertainty for many customers because we always feel more comfortable and confident if we control the medium.

But the reality is that the model has become more established and we now see many customers with hybrid environments, using different public clouds and interconnecting them with private environments.

Today’s scenarios reflect the speed at which the IT world is changing and evolving. We have moved from sourcing all services from a single provider to using or interconnecting several, taking advantage of the benefits of each.

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The Cloud world now allows us to tailor our projects to the best possible design, combining several suppliers and simplifying the process.

In addition, the automation of applications also allows us to choose more flexible and sustainable solutions. The question now is whether to use “customised” developments or to opt for container solutions. Undoubtedly, automation allows the focus to be on the product rather than on how the product is made.

In short, the cloud is a stable, flexible model that can be adjusted to our needs, allowing us to optimise our resources for the business and not for the medium.



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