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El riesgo no es una actitud. Es el contexto

Alberto Barreiro.

Diseñador estratégico experto en transformación

The need to integrate processes

Brands sometimes lack relevant experience in the digital environment. However, as is true for IMM, in other cases they are already highly digitally mature and most of their processes are already digitalised.

However, this does not mean that they won’t still need a redesign of their processes and tools, as digitisation has often been carried out to meet specific needs, but without a general strategy to guide every step.

In the specific case of IMM, they decided to take on a comprehensive digital transformation process which involved building a new strategy on a solid technological pillar.

Before undertaking this transformation, the Dallas-based company already had computerised records with the information relevant to its business: personnel, warehousing, distributors, suppliers, sales, supply chain, etc… And they used specialised software for each area.

The company’s spirit of innovation led them to look for areas for process improvement and they opted for a comprehensive transformation of all the processes in the value chain, entrusting Genetsis with the creation of an action plan – which saw an accelerated implementation as a result of COVID-19 and the boom in online shopping.

Although the software used by IMM was good and fulfilled each unit’s performance requirements, it did not offer good performance at the company level: different information formats were generated that couldn’t be consolidated, employees interacted with different platforms to manage the different stages of the supply chain with overlap in some tasks, there was duplicate information that was transferred manually thus increasing the possibility of error, among other inefficiencies, and there were even parts of the process that were not digitalised.

A technological fabric to underpin the overall strategic plan

After an initial phase that included both a platform audit and a process audit, a roadmap was built to maximise the performance and usability of the technology platform, optimise the tasks of employees and stakeholders in the value chain, minimise downtime in the supply chain and solve the problems detected in the audit: inefficiencies in processes, duplicated and/or inconsistent data.

Thus, working hand-in-hand with Propelland to review and redefine IMM processes, we acted on three main planes, all interrelated to maintain the spirit of the platform:


Legacy applications were migrated to a platform based on the implementation of different SAP modules according to the new requirements, interfaces and procedures

B2B (business-to-business)

Applications were developed to improve flows with suppliers and customers, unifying them through a single platform and therefore facilitating the traceability of transactions and products.

B2C (business-to-consumers)

Several projects were deployed to strengthen consumer engagement with IMM and the products distributed under its B2C Latino Factor brand.

  • User identity: by implementing DruID, a unique user registration and authentication service was created, enhancing the security andl legal aspects of the databases.
  • CRM: a staggered deployment of the different Omni Smart CR tools was chosen to cover each stage of the company’s maturity with regard to its consumers: impact, acquisition, activation and loyalty.
  • E-commerce: direct-to-consumer sales will be incorporated as a major milestone in 2022, bringing the company into the world of e-commerce.

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Optimising processes and results through technology

The actions undertaken for IMM that will enable it to stand out in the complex digital ecosystem aim to:

  • Improve internal processes resulting in, among other things, reduced delivery times.
  • Give IMM’s marketing team greater autonomy to launch communications and promotional activities to its users, as well as running acquisition campaigns.
  • Offer tools that boost generation of data that can then be analysed to make predictions, perform adjustments, programme campaigns…
  • Involve the different departments in the marketing strategy which was previously isolated and centralised in a single team.
  • Centralise all marketing tools on a single platform and thus optimise the time spent on tasks such as implementing promotional actions or customer acquisition forms, managing web content, managing e-commerce, sending campaigns, etc.



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