We drive growth based on data.


Information to achieve knowledge.

Obtained by different methods of analysis and metrics, it is essential to better understand how strategies are working in order to optimise processes and ultimately improve your business results.

We align all the touchpoints and measure the return on each action to identify opportunities, correct errors, optimise processes, establish models and, based on the intelligence generated, exceed business objectives.

Computers are good at following instructions, not reading your mind

Donald Knuth.

Expert in computation and analysis of algorithms

Los ordenadores son buenos siguiendo instrucciones, no leyendo tu mente

Donald Knuth.

Experto en computación y análisis de algoritmos

Getting a taste for

Let’s start by analysing the “starter dish” of your funnel.

  • How many people know about you? What visits or interactions do your communications generate?
  • We analyse awareness and interaction rates, growth in the retargeting list.

Controlling registrations from the MOFU.

Which users have gone from being visitors to subscribing or registering?

  • We identify which elements are working best to attract their interest.
  • We study open rates and CTR to make continuous improvements.
The BOFU, or how to make the end just the beginning.

Increasing our group of loyal and satisfied friends – customers – and creating long-lasting relationships.

  • We adapt the strategies based on your feedback.
  • We analyse KPIs, ROI and engagement to adjust strategies.

What we know
how to do

We use intelligence-analytics tools to track the customer at all stages of the lifecycle, monitor data, generate information and incorporate the feedback received in order to offer unique, integrated and personalised experiences and build long-term relationships.
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Data CRM
  • Soluciones CIAM
  • Retargeting
  • Programmatic
  • OKR
  • KPI
  • Leads


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