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Multi-channel environment: tailor-made connectivity business solutions

The evolution of IT services and telecommunications allows the necessary connections to work from anywhere
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El riesgo no es una actitud. Es el contexto

Alberto Barreiro.

Diseñador estratégico experto en transformación

Multichannel environment”, another original expression that we have invented to define the current universe of communications. It does not have any complications since the concept already existed, although it was defined in other ways. The advantage of this definition is that it brings together all the current options.

We speak then of two parts, environment and multichannel.

The environment

It is about our job and its context, where we connect and how.

  • Today, the environment has multiple scenarios: the locations are heterogeneous, from our own home to the office, through coworking, parks, etc. In short, we can consider almost any site.
  • The how part also has many options but grouped into two categories, wired or wireless connection, from XG connections, WiFi to traditional ethernet connection.


This part refers to how our interconnection is with production services, the Internet and applications.

It is the circuit behind how we connect, from mobile networks to home fiber, through ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line), satellite circuits, WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access), etc… a whole universe of communications ready for our demands.

And… what do we demand? More bandwidth, more speed and lower cost.

These are the three most common demands of the telecommunications market. Users need more capacity, lower latency and better price. But why?

There are more and more Cloud services that we use, in all areas, from home to business. Our connections are more important than ever because our services depend on them. It is no longer like before, that we were left without the telephone and the email in the event of a fall; now, we lose the production services that we are connected to.

At Genetsis IT we offer simple solutions to complex needs with a high level of service.

Are you interested in implementing a multichannel environment in your business?

Like everything, it has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, we are less dependent on the workplace but on the other hand, we are very dependent on our connection.

These changes create new ways of working: workstation management is altered, there is more flexibility and this also allows us not to depend on location, we can deploy workstations anywhere in the world.

The current connectivity offer allows us to have different operators and different technologies at a reasonable price, so that we can have a main and backup line very simply and, above all, flexible in the face of new challenges.

Today’s solutions allow us to be more independent.



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