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Security solutions: the new formula applied in companies

The essential requirement in any technological solution today is security

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El riesgo no es una actitud. Es el contexto

Alberto Barreiro.

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It is virtually impossible to understand any business solution without the security built into it. Therefore, security is in all areas and, consequently, its offer is enormous.

Evolution of cybersecurity services

The firewall

The first important actor in security was the firewall, then a piece of equipment that protected us from external threats, acting as a barrier between our internal and external networks.

It is curious that when it arrived it was very difficult to sell, security was not understood like today. Now, on the other hand, the firewall is an element without discussion, always present.

The most interesting thing about the firewall is that it showed us the real attacks on our infrastructure: it was no longer reading it in the press or in security magazines, it was happening to us.

The safety of the user, the customer and the manufacturers

From here, a huge vein opens up in two directions: that of the user or client and that of the manufacturers.

  • On the one hand, companies (aware of the need for security) are beginning to include work and learning protocols that improve the robustness of the systems.
  • On the other hand, manufacturers are beginning to generate security solutions around the firewall and specific to different environments.

Security becomes a necessity and solutions are adapted to meet the requirements of each client.

Global security against external and internal attacks

Cybersecurity has become very specific, there are solutions from the most general to the most particular.

Currently it is no longer valid with a team on the perimeter, now security is addressed globally and with different products integrated into a specific solution. We combine hardware and software to avoid vulnerability as much as possible.

The nature of the attacks has also changed. Before, they were attacks from the outside, so reinforcing the perimeter greatly limited the chances of damage. But this is no longer so; now, most attacks are internal, and not precisely because the attacker is an internal user, but because the attack is hidden on the computers of internal users and, from there, it is executed without their knowledge. This is much more difficult to manage; the previous solutions did not work, behavior monitoring and artificial intelligence.

  • The products learn about user behavior and detect anomalies in that behavior, warning of possible vulnerabilities.
  • In this scenario, human capital is more necessary than ever because you have to know how to determine which notices are really important and which are not.

The atypical thing is that these very specific solutions do not eliminate the previous ones, we still need the physical equipment and software of the previous generation, security has not changed chips, it has expanded the board.



Are you interested in implementing security solutions in your company?


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