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What does bionic reading have to do with the digitization of mass consumption?

Everything goes through accelerating processes seeking to improve their understanding and execution.

Paloma Velázquez, Business Growth Manager

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El riesgo no es una actitud. Es el contexto

Alberto Barreiro.

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What is "bionic reading" and what does it have to do with the Genetsis methodology?

This week I was reading about the viralization of bionic reading, a method that highlights the first letters of each word, something that is said to improve reading speed.

The concept is based on the fact that, by guiding our eyes only to the highlighted letters of each word, our brain completes the rest, causing our reading speed to increase.

I am easily distracted and sometimes find it hard to retain large amounts of information. I am one of those who, depending on what, have to read things a couple of times… I tried this way of reading in several texts and the result surprised me (so much so that I decided to approve it in this article 😄). I think it can be a good strategy to improve this point of pain that I have.

And I came across the concept of digitization because I’ve seen that sometimes you can make balls if its not well structured. Starting with the very way in which it is explained (or explained). In addition, the complexity of making it tangible, digitization increases the dwarf of the urgency.

If something stands out from what the pandemic has left in the general market and in the work processes that we approach from Genetsis in particular, it is that times are shortening.

Time to analyze, time to define and time to execute.

We (our clients and ourselves) are increasingly in a hurry to identify the pain points they have, the challenges they face; more haste to define the ideal experience for its targets and to map the business, technological and operational requirements; and even more hurry to start planting the necessary tools and processes, as well as to execute as soon as possible.

There is a hurry, no doubt.

Added to this need to save time is the need to learn faster, improve strategic and operational skills, and avoid distractions. For this, it is more necessary than ever to apply a rigorous and effective methodology that will take us faster and better to the knowledge that we need to apply.

Time, skill, learning… The same keys to bionic writing with which I try to get you to understand the main digitization methodology that you should apply, especially if you are in a high-consumption environment.

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