Digital Focus Session.

We invite you to participate in a personalized work dynamic where we will analyze the state of your digital ecosystem, how to improve it based on your objectives and what areas of opportunity exist to maximize the results of your investment.

What is this service.

A joint online session between you, your team and us to:





This is a high-level analysis, made from technological neutrality. In it, we contribute ideas and detect risks based on our experience managing the entire digital business cycle, with a special focus on sectors such as retail, mass consumption, sports, corporate…, with the aim of helping to define the projects you have in mind or improve the ones you already have started.

Who is intended for?

For those who have the responsibility of launching, positioning, or improving the presence and omnichannel conversion of companies of products or services, both B2C, B2B or D2C, who may find themselves facing one of the following moments:


You may have changed companies or even sectors, finding yourself at a key moment of identifying and discovering “what you have”, “why it is set up like this”, “what challenges it presents”…

You will be meeting different teams and internal managers, as well as external collaborators who have taken part in these decisions, so that they can help you understand and build on them.

Whether you already have a clear strategy and want to validate it from a digital point of view or need to rethink it or even build it… this session will help you identify the position of the company and its expectations in the digital ecosystem.


Within your own company, you may have moved into a digital transformation role. It is also possible that you have been assigned the responsibility of taking your company to a better competitive position.

In both cases, you need to have a very well defined picture of what you offer to your Buyer Persona and how you relate to them BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the key moments of their Customer Journey, points that you will easily establish when participating in a Digital Focus Session with us.


Does your company expand its portfolio of products or services and do you need to position them differently so that your brand is considered, what you contribute is understood and you capture qualified leads for a better conversion to sale?

Close one of our sessions so we can help you optimize the strategies you have in mind.


Your digital windows do not convert as they should, you dedicate a lot of investment to attracting new customers, you do not know if you are making an impact in the most appropriate way, you need to standardize different data entry points and improve the value that the information you capture gives you…

Do these problems and needs sound familiar to you? Let’s work together to reach the best solution!

How do we do it.

Whatever the moment you are in, this session will help you to have an actionable diagnosis in the short, medium and long term. We do it with:

  • Technological agnosticism.
  • Expert profiles.
  • Diligence to offer solutions.
  • The commitment to help you make the management of the omnichannel business cycle efficient.


Leave us your details and we will contact you.

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